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Without glasses. With Smile Eyes.

Living without reading glasses

It affects everyone sooner or later

It gets harder and harder to read the small print. Your own arms “are not long enough“. Your reading glasses become an accessory you can’t do without.

Everyone develops age-related presbyopis – regardless of whether or not they had ever had a vision problem with their eyesight or were nearsighted or farsighted before. It begins around the age of 45 and becomes apparent from the fact that small printed texts appear blurred at close range and can only be read with reading glasses.

Notice the best things in life... Without glasses. With Smile Eyes.
At work... Without glasses. With Smile Eyes.
Feeling well looked after and in good hands: Thanks to modern eye medicine with the experts at Smile Eyes.

The good news

Reading glasses or varifocals are not needed. Today there are modern laser and lens procedures that can correct presbyopia so you don't need glasses.

"It was like being set free. The best thing anyone can do for their eyes!"
Smile Eyes patient on Google (Smile Monovision)
"The Smile Eyes treatment was great. Uncomplicated. Effective. Painless. Why did I wait for so long?"
Smile Eyes patient on Google (multifocal lens operation)

How can my presbyopia be treated?

Presbyopia can neither be stopped by training the eye nor by medication. However, there are surgical options for correcting presbyopia in the cornea (corneal or laser procedure) and the lens (lens procedure):

The following procedures are generally suitable for treating presbyopia

Laser eye surgery

Which method is suitable for your personal situation can only be determined after a comprehensive preliminary examination and a personal consultation with one of our Smile Eyes experts. The best thing you can do is just give us a call and make an appointment.


Multifocal lenses– without glasses
despite presbyopia

With what is known as a refractive lens exchange with multifocal lenses, the body’s own lens, which is often inflexible and has been weakened by age, is replaced by a new, intelligent artificial lens (multifocal lens). Routine treatment is similar to the cataract operation, which is carried out around 700,000 times per year in Germany alone.

Multifocal lenses - benefits at a glance

Find out more about multifocal lenses
An initial examination clears up any questions.
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Monovision – Laser eye surgery for clear vision without varifocals

Monovision, which is also known as blended vision, works on the principle of one eye taking care of long distance vision, whilst the other eye is corrected so it can look at things close up. The brain combines both impressions, so this enables a high degree of independence from glasses or reading glasses. You can tackle everyday activities again without glasses.

Monovision can be achieved either by laser eye surgery - known as SMILE monovision - or by implanting artificial lenses or replacing the lenses. Our Smile Eyes specialists can give you individual advice based on your age, your wishes and what type of defective vision you have.

"Professional, on time, informative, reliable, experienced and sympathetic: The 1st choice for laser eye surgery."
Smile Eyes patient on Jameda (monovision)
I wish I had had the confidence to get this done much earlier, so that I could have enjoyed life again much sooner.
Patient Alexandra Di Natale (refractive lens implant)

How does presbyopia occur?

Presbyopia is caused by the eye lens increasingly losing elasticity as it ages. Today, modern lens and laser procedures make it possible for defects of an inflexible eye lens to be corrected so you can live without reading glasses or varifocals even if you’re over 45.

Find out more about presbyopia
Questions about treating presbyopia?
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