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+49 341 35566444
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SMILE-Method: Eye laser without fear!

SMILE: High precision. Minimal-invasive. Safe.

Smile Eyes

To see without glasses
Eye laser treatment by the experts of Smile Eyes in Leipzig

A life without glasses or contact lenses – this wish can come true at any age, regardless of the type of defective vision.

That´s what Leipzig´s Smile Eyes experts ensure – competent specialists that will find the best and most secure laser treatment for your eyes. Leipzig´s Smile Eyes surgeons at Smile Eyes Eye and Laser Center Leipzig, the seat of the Federal Administrative Court, excel by year-long experience in the field of eye laser and refractive lens surgery. Dr. Kiraly and team take their time for you and your eyes. Together with you we find the optimum solution tailor-made for your individual life situation.

Enjoy the feeling to be able to see clearly – immediately after waking up – without glasses or contact lenses.

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Why have your eyes lasered by Smile Eyes Leipzig?

  • Top-ophthalmologists, top-surgeons
    Your eye specialists Dr. Kiraly and Dr. Kotomin are always there for you at the eye and laser center Leipzig.
  • The new generation of eye laser
    The SMILE-method – developed by us applied by certified ophthalmologists for the first time in eye surgery.
  • We are centers of reference
    of Zeiss, the German eye laser manufacturer, and offer modern technologies for the best possible methods of examination and treatment.
  • Most recent technologies
    The eye and laser center Leipzig was the first eye center in Eastern Germany with LENSAR-Femtoseconds-Laser technology.
  • Comprehensive competence
    after your laser treatment we are at your disposition as eye specialists.
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Your defective vision

Do you know your defective vision?

Are you short- or far-sighted, need reading glasses because of presbyopia or do you suffer from corneal curvature? Depending on the type of defective vision, there are several possibilities for your treatment:

A preliminary examination
provides clarity –
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Treatment method

Every eye is unique.
Each treatment is individual.

Depending on the kind of defective vision and the condition of the eye there are several methods for correcting the defective vision.
The decision which method is best for you and your eyes can be made after a detailed preliminary examination and a consultation with one of our Smile Eyes experts in Leipzig.

Treatment costs

Any question regarding treatment costs or methods?

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"High quality, modern technique, competent consultation and advice for a life without glasses."
Dr. Laszlo Kiraly (Smile Eyes Leipzig)
"We provide the whole range of care - medical check, treatment and aftercare."
Dr. Ilya Kotomin (Smile Eyes Leipzig)
"It was one of the best decisions of my life; I am really satisfied and happy. Prior to the surgery I had many restrictions in my everyday life but today regarding my eye sight I lead a completely unrestricted life."
Sara Kulka, former candidate for Germanys Next Top model, iLASIK
"Many thanks for the competent consultation, the perfect surgery and the really friendly aftercare. After only one day 100% vision, you are a great team!"
Sebastian Hähner, Professional Volleyball player 2. National League - ReLEx Smile Method
"Finally I can do parachuting without glasses. A totally new life!"
Thomas Meinel - SMILE-Methode

Further Services

Much more than eye laser
and refractive lens surgery

Apart from our expertise and know-how in the field of eye laser and lens treatments, in the eye and laser center Leipzig, we offer a number of further medical services in the field of ophthalmology. In aesthetic surgery we pay special attention to perfect optical results as well as to the health and functionality of your eyes.

Contact & service

Location in Leipzig

Smile Eyes Augen + Laserzentrum Leipzig
Lampestraße 1
04107 Leipzig

Telephone: +49 341 355 66 444
Email: leipzig@smileeyes.de

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday: 08.00 – 18.00 hrs
Friday: 08.00 – 13.00 hrs and on appointment

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Associate partners in Leipzig and region

For consultation, preliminary examination, and aftercare besides our Smile Eyes Augen- und Lasercenter am Bundesverwaltungsgericht also our associate partners in and around Leipzig are at your disposition.

Associate partners
That´s what
our patients say…
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