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Eye laser treatments of the new generation

The SMILE Method (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) is the eye laser treatment of the new generation: both effective and gentle. The ophthalmologists from Smile Eyes, mainly Prof. Dr. Walter Sekundo of the Smile Eyes center Marburg who is considered the “father” of SMILE, together with the laser manufacturer Zeiss have developed this modern eye laser technique.
The Smile Eyes centers are the first certified users worldwide.SMILE has been applied worldwide successfully more than 550.000 times by over 800 eye surgeons. It is considered the eye laser treatment of the future since it is really soft and other than its predecessors LASIK and Femto-LASIK, minimal-invasive.


SMILE-Method: Eye laser without fear!

SMILE: High precision. Minimal-invasive. Safe.

The SMILE-advantages at a glance

SMILE: The innovative technology for operations

With the Femtoseconds laser VisuMax® of Carl Zeiss Meditec, the surgeon generates a thin corneal lens in the intact cornea, the so-called lenticule, and a small access as minimal-invasive tunnel. Via this tunnel the surgeon carefully extracts the lenticule. 

You will be surprised how fast it is over! A short glimpse at your watch will show you, that already now without glasses you see much better than before surgery!

The special benefit of SMILE is the fact that the cornea keeps its natural structure. The studies of the Smile Eyes physicians prove that the corneal tissue stability is best preserved after SMILE. Moreover SMILE is completely unbeatable regarding comfort after the operation: already after 2 hours after surgery the uncomfortable sensation in the eye has disappeared.

Comparing the LASIK and Femto-LASIK: here first thing is to dissect a thin lobule of the cornea, the so-called flap. This flap is folded back and the underlying cornea layers are removed computer-controlled with an Eximer laser (that is, evaporated in punctiform) according to the extent of short-sightedness. With this method the foreign body sensation can last up to 5-7 hours after the operation.


Removal of a corneal lens (lenticule) with
minimal-invasive tunnel technique


Ablation of the cornea after dissection and
folding back of a corneal lid (flap)


The SMILE-Method at work

SMILE: the surgery step by step


Since contact lenses can influence the form of your cornea,  you should not wear them for several weeks before the surgery.

The morning of the surgery:

Start your day with your usual routines. That will help to calm you. Cleanse the eye zone carefully and do not use cosmetic products such as facial cream, make-up or perfume the day before and the day after the surgery. You can eat and drink normally but should refrain from excessive smoking. Wear comfortable clothes to feel at ease.


It is an outpatient treatment and last for both eyes approximately 20 minutes.A bit of excitement and tension are completely normal. If you feel too anxious you can ask for sedation. Prior to the surgery we check together all data before anesthetizing the first eye with eye drops. To avoid you blinking during surgery, a lid-opener is inserted while the other eye is covered up. Then your eye is gently fixed with an individually tailored contact glass. The Femtosecond laser VisuMax® then generates the lenticule and a miniscule tunnel incision (2-2,5mm) in the cornea. After that, the surgeon dissects the lenticule and extracts it. During this process you see a bright point but feel nearly nothing. After the surgery the tiny tunnel incision closes automatically. There is no need for other post-surgical measures. After the surgery it is convenient that family or friends collect you as you are not allowed to drive a vehicle. For the protection of your eyes we suggest that you wear sun-glasses.

After the surgery:

Be careful not to rub your eyes after the surgery. We provide you with eye-drops for the week after the surgery which you should administer up to 5 times a day. On request we provide additional artificial tears. After 2 to 3 days you can go back to work and undergo sport activities. Hobbies such as swimming or sauna should be avoided for about 3 to 4 weeks to minimize the risk of infections. A control of the successful treatment takes place the day after, several days after and several weeks after the surgery. Should you have any question you can always call upon us.

SMILE: Risks

Surgical risks can be reduced to a minimum through conscious acting and through our quality management but cannot be excluded completely. But there is a solution for nearly all complications, if patient and physician behave correctly.

The employment of modern technologies at our locations as well as regular training, the experience of the operating surgeons and of the whole Smile Eyes team contribute decisively to minimize the risk of  SMILE surgeries.

Usually the complications are limited to four problems:

1. Loss of vacuum

A loss of vacuum can occur during the 30 seconds of the surgery through extensive pinching or sudden movements of the head. Depending on the progress of the treatment the surgery can either be continued immediately or can be repeated at a later time.

2. Infections

Infections can occur at every surgery.
However the minimal-invasive intervention of the SMILE method bears a smaller risk than LASIK or LASEK.

3. Result

Aim of the treatment is the complete correction of defective vision. This goal can be achieved in appr. 95% of the cases with one single intervention. Individual tissue reactions can implicate over- or under-correction which necessitate a second intervention.

4. Keratectasia

A constitutional tissue weakness can, very rarely, provoke a protrusion of the cornea soon after the surgery or years after, which can compromise the vision. Until now no case of Keratectasia after a SMILE surgery has been published. As well as after a SMILE surgery on a healthy eye.

Read more in our Smile Eyes Blog

SMILE-OP of LEO-editor Munich

LEO-editor Jörg Garstka wants to find out: since his childhood he has to wear glasses and he has heard a lot about the Smile Eyes clinic. So he undergoes the SMILE surgery with Dr. Wiltfang and reports in detail about the successful unproblematic intervention – read more on our blog

Patient Eva Rubröder from the Smile Eyes clinic in Trier

Our patient Eva Rubröder from Smile Eyes clinic Trier after 10 years finally does not have to wear glasses anymore and is totally convinced of the SMILE method. „ The surgery was brilliant, I am totally happy. Everything went smooth and the next day I already could see clearly“ says Mrs. Rubröder a few days after the SMILE-OP – read more on our blog

The Smile Eyes advantage in safety:

  • Extensive preliminary examination and consultation
  • Care exclusively by ophthalmologists experienced in the field of refractive lens surgery
  • Modern surgery and examination units with up-to-date certified hygienic standards
  • Laser technology on the latest state-of-the-art
  • Highly qualified surgeons with year-long experience
  • Regular aftercare
  • Fair price management
  • Quality management according to ISO 9001
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