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Wrinkle smoothing

When wrinkles deepen

After a certain age it is difficult to ignore them: wrinkles and lines! Forehead wrinkles and lines around the eyes, the so-called “frown line” between the brows, or the nasolabial folds between nasal wings and corner of the mouth.

Wrinkle injections are a cosmetic non- surgical treatment popular not only with an increasing number of women but recently also with men. Years before the discovery of its cosmetic effects, particularly in the field of ophthalmology it was employed for the treatment of eye diseases. A fact that makes our Smile Eyes ophthalmologists experienced experts in the field of wrinkle reduction with various products.

Where do the facial wrinkles come from?

In the course of life the activities of the mimic facial musculature lead to the formation of superficial or deep wrinkles in the overlying skin. Frowning or moving the eye-brows lead to forehead lines. A line between the eyebrows can form - the so-called “frown line”) and sideways to the eyes more or less pronounced expression wrinkles. In the course of time mimic lines become static lines.

How does wrinkle treatment work?

At an initial consultation with one of our Smile Eyes experts in the field of aesthetic surgery you discuss your individual wishes and expectations to enable us to find the best treatment for a renewed younger and fresh look.

Cosmetic surgery is carried out as an out-patient treatment and lasts only a few minutes. After cleansing and disinfection of your skin, the substance is injected with an extremely thin hollow needle directly under the skin into the chosen muscle fibre.

When is it best to start a treatment?

A lot of people are happy with their face and wrinkles and other signs of time that show up in the course of a life. But still there are those who suffer from this condition and want to look younger: here we can help you with the right method.

It is a good choice to start therapy on minor mimicry wrinkles to prevent the formation of deeper wrinkles.

Due to its limited effect over time, the treatment can be applied repeatedly to maintain the smoothing effect. It is necessary that you talk to your ophthalmologist fully about your expectations, wishes and ideas.

How long does the smoothing effect last?

The smoothing effect begins to show three to seven days after treatment and normally lasts four to seven months.

During this time the effect slowly fades, the substance is absorbed in a natural way.
The muscle regains its full functionality. If the effect of the wrinkle reduction is to be maintained longer, a further treatment is recommended after three to six months.

Further uses: sweat reduction

Transpiration is a normal reaction of our body. We sweat to balance our body temperature. But a lot of people suffer from extreme perspiration (hyperhidrosis) especially in the armpits. Often this is accompanied by unpleasant smell and eye-catching sweat patches on clothing. The substance is injected subcutaneously in selected regions of the armpit thus blocking the nerves that are responsible for sweat production. The effect shows after 5 to 7 days and can last up to 9 months. It can be repeated anytime.

Our patients are enthusiastic about the effective therapy and thrilled by their new quality of life.

Possible side effects

Like any other treatment, a treatment with with our substance can cause undesired side effects. Normally they are mild and fade within a few hours. Some patients complain about light headache or flu-like symptoms. After treatment the punctures can be swollen and sensitive to pressure, there is also the possibility of small punctiform haematoma. Intolerances or allergic reactions are quite a rare occurrence.

Most patients have no symptoms at all and feel good. Immediately after treatment you are “representable” and can party.

In the hands of an expert the injections are a safe and harmless method for wrinkle treatment.

Das Smile Eyes Sicherheitsplus

  • Extensive preliminary examination and consultation exclusively by experienced ophthalmologists
  • Highly qualified personnel with year-long experience
  • Out-patient treatment
  • High-quality products tailor-made for the individual patient
  • Modern surgery units with up-to-date certified hygienic standards
  • Quality management according to ISO 9001
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