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About Us

Smile Eyes :
a strong alliance of highly specialised eye experts in 16 locations in Germany and Austria

It all begins in the year 2000 when Dr. Wiltfang establishes a center for eye laser surgery at Munich Airport. Two years later, his friend from university days Dr. Martin Bechmann, does the same in the city of Trier.  

After the first years of successful surgery they want to join forces under a common roof cooperation in one single location – so in 2004 the start to think about a suitable naming. One of their patients catches the idea: "Think about what your surgery means to your patients: You give them back joy in life!" This statement was the gateway to the choice of the name and the ne w logo of the eye laser center. “Smile Eyes:)”

Since its early days, Smile eyes stands for  eye laser surgery on the highest medical level, committed to  innovation and research and always engaged to provide the optimum treatment.

At national and international conventions for refractive lens surgery they meet like-minded people who are committed in the same way to high quality medicine. Thus the highly experienced ophthalmologists join forces: the hour of birth  of the Smile Eyes Group! Since then Smile Eyes has been expanding and today consists of 16 eye centers with a total of more than 80 eye experts in Germany and Austria.

"It is important for me that you feel at ease and at home with us."
Dr. Orlin Velinov, Dr. Verena Bhakdi-Gerl
(Smile Eyes Essen)
to the location
"High quality, modern technique, competent consultation and advice for a life without glasses."
Dr. Ilya Kotomin, Dr. Laszlo Kiraly
(Smile Eyes Leipzig)
to the location
"The modern laser technology and our yearlong experience guarantee the best possible results with all kinds of defective vision. We offer safety on its highest level."
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Martin Dirisamer FEBO, Prof. Dr. Siegfried Priglinger
(Smile Eyes Linz)
to the location
"Over 20 year of university refractive lens surgery mean professionalism, innovation and experience – e.g. by the development of the ReLEx SMILE. You can rely on that!"
Prof. Dr. Walter Sekundo
(Smile Eyes Marburg)
to the location
"We care for your eyes. Safety with laser treatment is our highest priority."
Dr. Martin Bechmann, Dr. Rainer Wiltfang
(Smile Eyes Munich)
to the location
"How I would treat my best friend? The same as you!"
Dr. med. Suphi Taneri
(Smile Eyes Münster)
to the location
"Our staff and medics regularly undergo specialised trainings and therefore remain on the highest possible professional level – for the benefit of your eyes."
Dr. Alexander Eckard, Dr. Marc Schellhorn
(Smile Eyes Rostock)
to the location
"Eyes are a highly sensitive field. Thanks to intensive personal care we can minimize patient´s fears – confidence is crucial for the success of surgery."
Dr. med. Leonie Troeber, Dr. med. Martin Bechmann,
Dr. med. Stéphanie Langefeld, Dr. med. Rainer Wiltfang
(Smile Eyes Trier)
to the location
"We are constantly developing our surgery methods ensuring that we treat our patients successfully and care for them on the highest possible level."
Dr. Wolfgang Diem
(Smile Eyes Vorarlberg)
to the location
"Every surgery is preceded by a comprehensive preliminary examination. Our careful medical indication is a guarantee for our long-lasting successful treatments."
Dr. Andreas Rupprecht
(Smile Eyes Weiden)
to the location

Our philosophy

Individual solutions for a life without glasses

All Smile Eyes experts are driven by the common idea to find the optimum solution for each patient´s individual defective vision for obtaining best long-term results. It is our biggest ambition to adjust defective vision at the same time effectively and delicately. It is our aspiration to treat each patient as we ourselves would like to be treated.

Depending on the type of defective vision, Smile Eyes uses various treatments such as innovative laser treatments – for example the SMILE method, implantable contact lenses or refractive exchange of lenses with e.g. multifocal lenses.

Our commitment

Devoted to in Innovation and research

The Smile Eyes experts not only apply the most modern surgical techniques - they are significantly involved in their development. In cooperation with the Smile Eyes expert Dr. Sekundo and the University Hospital Marburg, the method of the new generation for correcting myopia, was developed: the SMILE method (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction).

Training activities for colleagues

Together with Dr. Wiltfang, the founder of Smile Eyes and scientific director at Zeiss, we furthermore function as training center for the laser manufacturer Carl Zeiss Meditech AG.

Colleagues from all over the world join the Smile Eyes center Munich to observe and learn on site the applications and the current development in the field of eye laser treatment.

Our „eye“ expertise

Smile Eyes offers more than laser and lens treatments

Apart from our expertise for laser treatments and refractory lens surgery, our Smile Eyes center offers numerous medical ophthalmological services.

We provide treatments for eye diseases such as cataract,
retinal diseases, glaucoma or Keratoconus and also esthetical corrections. We as ophthalmologists pay special attention to perfect optical results as well as to the health and functionality of your eyes. 

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