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Costs and financing

The treatment costs for a life without glasses can differ considerably according to treatment and individual situation. At Smile Eyes we treat private patients as well as Public Health Care patients. In an extensive consultation we discuss different possibilities of financing and inform you about reimbursement and aspects of fiscal deductibility of an eye laser treatment. You can find an indication regarding the cost of the various treatments here:

Costs eye laser

The cost of eye laser treatment depends on the applied treatment method. The exact costs can only be determined after an extensive examination by our Smile Eyes experts. In principle, all indicated prices include all preliminary and follow-up postoperative examination.

In our opinion, this feeling of safety is the basis for the confidence before and after surgery. The success of a laser surgery depends in equal parts on the operation itself and a thorough and meticulous pre- and after-care.

Costs eye laser

approx. 2.750 Euro / eye


approx. 2.500 Euro / eye


approx. 2.100 Euro / eye

Costs lens surgery

The cost for lens surgery depends on the applied method.
After an extensive examination and a consultation regarding your personal needs we can present you with a binding cost schedule. Generally our prices include the preliminary and follow-up postoperative examinations. 

The success of a laser surgery depends in equal parts on a meticulous preparation, the proper execution and thorough after-care. With lens surgery at Smile Eyes you make a well selected choice of a safe and carefree path that we undergo jointly.

Costs lens surgery
Implantable contact lens

Implantation per eye
including lens implant

from 3.200 Euro / eye

Multifocal lens

Refractive lens exchange per eye
Including implanted lens 

from 2.100 Euro / eye

Our service includes

  • An extensive ophthalmological preliminary examination including determination of the wave front of the eye, a surface representation of the cornea and a detailed thickness measurement
  • With unsuitability to surgery, the patient pays only the cost of the preliminary examination
  • All examinations and treatments are done with state of the Art devices that take into account even the smallest visual defect
  • Apart from a perfectly executed surgery our thorough follow-up examinations contribute in an essential way to  the surgical success
  • We are always here for you and answer your questions comprehensively
  • A possible subsequent second correction is included
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