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Eye laser without fear

An overview of our treatments

Eye laser – the dream of a life without glasses! With the modern methods of eye surgery it can come true for everyone. Since nearly 30 years it is possible to treat patients with defective vision - many thousands have benefitted from that fact and today they enjoy the feeling of freedom without glasses or contact lenses.

We at Smile Eyes partake actively in research and were a decisive part in the development of the laser treatments of the new generation, safety and precision distinguishes the SMILE Method. Smile Eyes is synonym for eye surgery on the highest medical level. We are always offering our patients the optimum treatment and to take away their fears.

The 3 generations of eye laser treatment of the past 30 years

SMILE-Method: Eye laser of the new generation

High precision. Minimal-invasive. Safe.

The SMILE Method (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction is the eye laser treatment of the 3rd generation: minimal- invasive, extremely soft and gentle.

The SMILE-advantages at a glance

To SMILE-Method

Femto-LASIK: laser treatment with flap

Proven eye laser technique - precise and safe

Generally LASIK indicates an eye laser treatment which uses a so-called corneal lid, the flap. The Femto-LASIK is a development of the classical proven LASIK method. With the high- precision Femtoseconds laser it stands for a safe technique.

Femto-LASIK: The method for nearly all types of defective vision

To Femto-LASIK

Removal of a corneal lens (lenticule) with minimal-invasive tunnel technique

Femto-Lasik / Lasik

Ablation of the cornea after dissection and folding back of a corneal lid (flap)


LASEK / PRK: Eye laser without incision

LASEK / PRK: Eye laser without incision

PRK is the 1st generation of eye laser treatment which has been applied since 1988; its further development is LASEK.
It is considered a safe alternative when for certain reasons a SMILE or LASIK is not possible.

LASEK best for patients with:

"The surgery was brilliant, I am totally happy. Everything went smooth and the next day I already could see clearly"
Eva Rubröder - SMILE-Method
To SMILE-Method
"It was a turning point. The best one can do for one´s eyes!"
Sebastian Fleischmann - LASEK/PRK
"Modern and safe eye laser treatments for a life without glasses or contact lenses."
"I would do it again – anytime! Wake up in the morning and be able to see, not having to wear glasses for sports…
all this has completely changed my life."
Andrea Fischbach - Femto-LASIK
Zu Femto-LASIK
"Your Smile experts for safe laser treatment without fear"
Eye laser

Short-sightedness up to -10,0 dpt.
Far-sightedness not yet possible

Corneal curvature
to 5,0 dpt.


Short-sightedness up to -10,0 dpt.
Far-sightedness up to + 3,0 dpt.

Corneal curvature
to 5,0 dpt.


Short-sightedness up to -6,0 dpt.
Far-sightedness up to + 1,0 dpt.

Corneal curvature
to 5,0 dpt.

Eyes differ. Depending on the state of the eye and the type of myopia there are different methods. Today in 80% of laser treatments the SMILE method is applied.  It is the eye laser method of the new generation compared to the classic LASIK or even Femto- LASIK methods it works without a flap.

Which method is best for you can only be determined after extensive preliminary examination and personal consultations with one of our Smile Eyes experts. So call us and make an appointment!


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