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+43 732 775 757 70
For the most important
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Smile Eyes eye laser in Linz

Life without glasses - Eye laser
by the experts of Smile Eyes Linz

A life without glasses or contact lenses – this wish can come true at any age, regardless of the type of defective vision. That´s what Professor Dr. Sigfried Priglinger and Dr. Martin Dirisamer of Smile Eyes Linz ensure.

Modern laser technology and yearlong experience guarantee the best possible results with all kinds of defective vision thus ensuring safety on its highest level.


Laser eye surgery and more
up to 45
Living without reading glasses
over the age of 45
Seeing clearly
without a cataract

Why have your eyes lasered by Smile Eyes Linz?

  • Top-ophthalmologists, top-surgeons
    More than 20 years of experience.
  • Eye laser of the new generation
    developed hand in hand with the Smile Eyes experts.
    The SMILE-Method the most innovative and gentle eye laser treatment of the latest generation.
  • We are centers of reference
    of Zeiss, the German eye laser manufacturer, and offer modern technologies for
    the best possible methods of examination and treatment.
  • Continuous research
    Thanks to modern technology and professional development we can offer modern and
    safe methods for the correction of defective vision.
  • Comprehensive competence
    After your laser treatment we from Smile Eyes Linz are at
    your disposition as competent eye specialists and contact persons.
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Your defective vision

Do you know your defective vision?

Are you short- or far-sighted, need reading glasses because of
presbyopia or do you suffer from corneal curvature?
Depending on the type of defective vision, there are several
possibilities for your treatment.

A preliminary examination
provides clarity –
fix an appointment with us:
+43 732 775 757 70


Every eye is unique.
Each treatment is individual.

Depending on the kind of defective vision and the condition of the eye there are several methods for correcting the defective vision.
The decision which method is best for you and your eyes can be made after a detailed preliminary examination and a consultation with one of our Smile Eyes experts in Linz.

Treatment costs

Any question regarding treatment costs or methods?

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"The modern laser technology and our yearlong experience guarantee the best possible results with all kinds of defective vision. We offer safety on its highest level."
Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Siegfried Priglinger, Smile Eyes Linz, head of private practice
"Thanks to modern technology and professional personal development we can offer modern and safe methods for the correction of defective vision."
Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Martin Dirisamer, Smile Eyes Linz
"The operation itself really was a true event in a pleasant and familiar atmosphere."
Wilhelm Brühl, SMILE Method
"Finally I can do parachuting without glasses.
A totally new life!"
Thomas Meinel, SMILE Method

Further services

Much more than eye laser
and refractive lens surgery

Smile Eyes Linz is part of the Privatordination of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Siegfried Priglinger and Dr. Martin Dirisamer where apart from our expertise in the field of eye laser and lens surgery we offer extensive diagnosis and modern therapy round the clock at highest level. Our team of ophthalmologists is characterized by year-long experience, scientific work and international reputation. We work with state-of-the-art diagnostic devices and methods to best diagnose eye diseases and take care of you either during consultation-hours or in surgery. Our diagnostic and therapeutic emphasis lies on all fields of curative ophthalmology. 


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