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The evaluations speak for themselves

Day by day we have a claim: that you can enjoy the result of our effort: a life without glasses! Our patients can choose their preferred ophthalmologist who then carries out examination, consultation, surgery and long-term care. Because all it´s about is your satisfaction.

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That´s what our patients say

  • "I coped perfectly with contact lenses – but anyway, I was surprised how much better and easier my life was without them."
    Achim Fischbach - LASIK
  • "Quite often in life one asks oneself why didn´t I do this earlier. That´s how I felt after my eye laser."
    Jörg Garstka - SMILE Methode
  • "It was one of the best decisions of my life; I am really satisfied and happy. Prior to the surgery I had many restrictions in my everyday life but today regarding my eye sight I lead a completely unrestricted life."
    Sara Kulka, former candidate for Germanys Next Top model, iLASIK
  • "Finally I can do parachuting without glasses. A totally new life!"
    Thomas Meinel, SMILE Methode
  • "It was a turning point. The best one can do for one´s eyes!"
    Sebastian Fleischmann, LASEK/PRK

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Jörg Garstka and Dr. Wiltfang

LEO-editor Jörg Garstka wants to find out: since his childhood he has to wear glasses and he has heard a lot about the Smile Eyes clinic. So he undergoes the SMILE surgery with Dr. Wiltfang and reports in detail about the successful unproblematic intervention – read more on our blog

Patient Eva Rubröder from Smile Eyes center in Trier

Our patient Eva Rubröder from Smile Eyes clinic Trier after 10 years finally does not have to wear glasses anymore and is totally convinced of the SMILE method. „The surgery was brilliant, I am totally happy. Everything went smooth and the next day  I already could see clearly“ says Mrs. Rubröder a few days after the  SMILE-OP – read more on our blog

We are firmly convinced

We know both sides of the coin:

Our experts and physician assistants that were suffering from defective vision, had eye laser treatment and

therefore know what it is like to be on the patient´s side.

"From my experience as a patient I know the importance of personal care during medical interventions."
Dr. Martin Bechmann (Smile Eyes Munich) - LASIK
To the SMILE-Method
"Finally I can go swimming without glasses."
Sabrina Oswald, physician assistant at Smile Eyes, after successful SMILE surgery appreciates her newly gained independence from glasses
To the SMILE-Method

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