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Lens surgery

An overview of our treatments

Short- or far-sighted, corneal curvature or reading glasses – our modern eye lens surgery allows nearly every patient to lead a life without glasses or contact lenses!

For lens surgery Smile Eyes rely on modern and compatible artificial lenses that can be implanted with minimal-invasive surgery or in addition to the endogenous natural lens.

Multifocal lenses: Intelligent artificial lenses for a life without reading glasses

Modern lens exchange for balancing presbyopia

When presbyopia advances and reading glasses become indispensable, so-called artificial lenses - multifocal lenses  - are a modern alternative for a life without glasses

Lens exchange with multifocal lenses: The advantages at a glance

To multifocal lenses

ICL: Implantable contact lenses

The alternative to eye laser. Reversible and for highly defective vision.

The ICL is a kind of contact lens that is introduced into the eye thus allowing the correction of highly defective vision – it is considered a safe and gentle alternative to the eye laser correction.

The advantages of implantable contact lenses at a glance

To implantable contact lens (ICL)

RLE: Refractive lens exchange

Lens implantation with highly defective vision

With refractive lens exchange the endogenous lens is replaced with an artificial lens. This kind of lens surgery allows the precise correction of highly defected vision. Especially for patients with a high far-sightedness, a life without glasses can be made possible.

Characteristics of refractive lens

To refractive lens exchange
"Modern lens surgery as a safe alternative to eye laser."
"A life without glasses thanks to high –quality lens models and precise surgical technique."

Lens surgery in comparison

The following lens surgeries are applied today:


With refractive lens surgery, there are no strict limits regarding the number of dioptres. What are important are the individual eye structure and the patient´s age.

Eyes differ. Depending on the state of the eye and the type of defecting vision there are different methods. With Smile Eyes lens surgery our experienced eye experts opt for long-lasting and highly tolerable lens models and proven surgery techniques.

Which method is best for you can only be determined after extensive preliminary examination and personal consultation with one of our Smile Eyes experts. So call us and make an appointment!

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