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+49 221 968896516
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Smile Eyes eye laser treatment in Cologne

Life without glasses - Eye laser treatment by the experts of Smile Eyes in Cologne

A life without glasses or contact lenses – this wish can come true at any age, regardless of the type of defective vision.
That´s what the Cologne´s Smile Eyes experts ensure – competent specialists that will find the best and most secure laser treatment for your eyes.

The Smile Eyes surgeons in Cologne excel by year-long experience in the field of eye laser and refractive lens surgery.  

The patient is the center of attention. Smile Eyes Cologne guarantees competence and quality on the highest level.

Highest medical, ethical and organisational standards promise an optimum individual consultation and care in order to satisfy personal high demands: the patient´s complete satisfaction. 

Our team supports and accompanies the patients in their decision making process, always in harmony with the patient´s personal situation. 

Laser eye surgery and more
up to 45
Living without reading glasses
over the age of 45
Seeing clearly
without a cataract

Why have your eyes lasered by Smile Eyes Cologne?

  • A competent team of ophthalmologists
    consisting of experienced and internationally renowned experts with different medical specialisations.
  • The SMILE-Method
    Minimal-invasive eye laser within a clinical trial at Smile Eyes Cologne.
  • Individual and intensive care
    during preliminary examination, surgery and aftercare.
  • Our claim
    is your satisfaction. At Smile Eyes Cologne we set the highest medical, ethical and
    organisational standards.
  • Extensive competency
    We aim at the complete ophthalmological diagnosis and therapy –
    conservative as well as surgical treatment always in harmony with your personal situation.
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Your defective vision

Do you know your defective vision? 

Are you short- or far-sighted, need reading glasses because of
presbyopia or do you suffer from corneal curvature?
Depending on the type of defective vision, there are several
possibilities for your treatment.

A preliminary examination
provides clarity –
fix an appointment with us:
+49 221 968896516

Treatment method

Every eye is unique.
Each treatment is individual.

Depending on the kind of defective vision and the condition of the eye there are several methods for correcting the defective vision.
The decision which method is best for you and your eyes can be made after a detailed preliminary examination and a consultation with one of our Smile Eyes experts in Cologne.

Treatment costs

Any question regarding treatment costs or methods?

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"I wish I done this earlier -
so I could have enjoyed this new lifestyle much earlier."
Alexandra Di Natale, refractive lens implantation
"I would do it again – anytime! Wake up in the morning and be able to see, not having to wear glasses for sports…
all this has completely changed my life."
Andrea Fischbach - Femto-LASIK
"Modern and safe eye laser treatments for a life without glasses or contact lenses."

Further services

Much more than eye laser
and refractive lens surgery

Apart from our expertise and know-how in the field of eye laser and lens treatments, at Smile Eyes Cologne we offer a number of further medical services in the field of ophthalmology.

In aesthetic surgery we pay special attention to perfect optical results as well as to the health and functionality of your eyes. 

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